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It has always been our idea to design properties for how people live today and that involces thinking of not only now but the future. 

We start with the ability for the address to recieve an internet speed in excess of 50mb, this future proofs the building for long term connectivity. 

However, you will need an internet connection to get the full ability of the additions. 


Every Stone and Baxter apartment is complete with fast networking around each room which allows you to connect internet, telehone or routers anywhere (subject to internet contract with provider). All our developments have capability of at 50mb interenet speed and in some cases ( Copper House) the addition of Virgin Media with speeds up 500mb. 




Standard thermostats allow you to change how warm you would like your home to be, however this is where the ‘control’ element ends. With a smart thermostat that is pre already installed within your new apartment you will be able to vary the level of heating from your the phone app (internet will be required) however many people are home and the time of day to name just a few factors.

 Additionally your smart meter will identify how much energy you are consuming which will help you consider how you can reduce your energy consumption by using less heat when it is not always a necessity. 


In today’s world we spend so much more time away from home that missing deliveries has almost become normal.  At Stone and Baxter however we design our apartments in a way that suits your lifestyle for when you are both home and away. Our ‘Amazon access cupboard’ ensures that you can take deliveries without even being in the building or at times when you are in your apartment in the middle of something and simply can’t get to the front door.  By using your smart phone you will have the tools to let delivery drivers into the main building where they can deposit your package into the secure cupboard, which is monitored on a 24-hour basis to make sure nothing is lost or stolen. This means you can collect your parcel whenever it suits you.


Who pays for it?

 On certain plots there are allocated parking spaces with an electric vehicle charging point. Although we understand that not everyone has an electric car we still believe that installing ports at our developments is worthwhile, after all it may be something that you can consider further down the line. Each point will be secured and linked back to your apartment’s electricity supply meaning you will never be at risk of paying for your neighbour’s usage. Furthermore your Smart meter will explain to you exactly how much each battery charge is costing you. To some it may be seen as a waste of time and money for a product that may potentially never be used but being technology driven at Stone and Baxter we believe in improving your lifestyle both in the present and the future. 



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